Welcome to the InstallFest wiki

InstallFests are events where people interested in Linux can come along and help each-other install Linux and other Free Open Source Software. Typically run over a single day, they make available the community and technical support for people who may not yet be familiar with the technologies.

This wiki is aimed at both informing people about what InstallFests are, and also to help people thinking of organising an InstallFest to get information and useful materials to make their job easier.

InstallFests explainedEdit

Free and Open Source Software is almost always a community driven process.  People from all walks of life and abilities come together to contribute their time and expertise to help other people.  Much of this work is in writing the software and packages that people use.  But another key way to help is to take part in an InstallFest.  By helping other people get Linux and other FOSS projects installed and working on their computers, these people help the larger community learn about technology.

Latest activityEdit

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