What new people should bring Edit

If you're wanting to get Linux or other Free Open Source Software installed at an InstallFest, here are the things that you should bring:

  • All the parts of your computer.  This will include:
    • The main box and screen.
    • The mouse and keyboard.
    • Everything else you want to get working.  Printers, webcams, cameras, joysticks, and any other peripherals.  Linux has a huge range of drivers built in, but it's always worth checking whether they working at the event.
    • Power cables for all of the above, and a power board to plug it into.
  • Labels for all your stuff.  Computer equipment can often look incredibly generic and it's amazing how easy it is to have things swap owners unexpectedly.
  • A box or a fabric bag is a great way to keep all your gear together.

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